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Training Platform

Boost Copilot’s Intelligence Through Your Documents

Customise your Legal AI by uploading your firm’s legal and financial documents into our training platform. This creates a bespoke AI model that reflects your unique legal style and leverages your documents for informed reasoning.
Screenshot of LegalFly's training library interface
Displaying automatically generated tags by the Copilot, which categorises and organises various legal queries

How AI Turns Unstructured Data Into Legal Intelligence

Unlock the full potential of your legal and financial archives with our AI Copilot. It quickly transforms your unstructured datasets into an organised, metadata-rich repository by identifying and tagging documents based on parties, document types, jurisdictions and languages. This structured approach not only makes searching fast and intuitive but also enables the Copilot to sift through mountains of data with lightning speed.

Moreover, the AI constantly updates its training dataset by incorporating relevant legislation, court cases and legal insights it encounters, ensuring that its advice remains current and accurate.

Instant Access to Your Firm’s Legal Data Goldmine

Our AI Copilot’s transformation of your firm’s documents into structured datasets lays the foundation for a highly personalised and efficient legal workflow on LegalFly, where finding and applying key documents takes seconds, not hours. This structured data isn’t just organised; it’s a goldmine that the Copilot taps into for every contract review, drafting session, or discovery process, ensuring that every action is informed by the depth and breadth of your firm’s own documents and legal knowledge.
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Illustrating a legal question linked to multiple contracts, demonstrating the AI's ability to correlate and analyze various documents in relation to a specific legal query.

Why Train LegalFly’s AI Copilot?

Tailored Contract Reviews

Customise How AI Copilot reviews specific document types to meet your organisation’s needs. It not only ensures compliance with internal policies and business conditions, but also checks for deviations, providing a customised review process.

Drafting in Your Legal Style

Use approved templates and clauses to ensure that each draft contract reflects your firm’s legal style. This personalised approach ensures that your legal voice is consistent across all documents.

Auto-Learning Discovery

Achieve rapid data retrieval for insightful analysis. The AI Copilot not only finds relevant information quickly but also continually improves by learning from your firm’s legal documents and intel, making every search smarter and more efficient.

Unlock The Power of Our Training Platform

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