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On a mission to give legal teams superpowers

Meet the LegalFly team, we are eager to supercharge every aspect of a legal professional's journey by launching the most powerful Legal AI Copilot. We're all about making impact and boosting the efficiency of legal professionals through the power of AI.

Overview of the LegalFly office
Office building of LegalFly

Our Story

Group photograph of the four co-founders of LegalFly

LegalFly was founded early 2023 by 4 Tinder tech veterans. Our vision at LegalFly is crystal clear: to orchestrate a paradigm shift in the legal domain, offering law practitioners worldwide unprecedented time and cost efficiencies.

Our flagship Legal AI solution is a powerhouse, meticulously designed to amplify and refine the myriad facets of a legal professional’s workflow, from contract assessments and drafting to discovery and litigation processes.

At the heart of our platform lies a seamless interface, where legal documents are transformed into actionable insights in a matter of seconds. Our sophisticated AI algorithms spring into action, distilling complexity into clarity. LegalFly is not merely a tool; it's a testament to our commitment to enhancing the calibre of legal work through smart automation. We stand as custodians of innovation, empowering legal teams to eclipse traditional boundaries and unlock productivity like never before.

Our endeavors and dedication have not gone unnoticed. LegalFly's pioneering technology has garnered global acclaim, culminating in our victory at the British Legal Technology Awards in London—an accolade that underscores our position at the vanguard of legal tech innovation. Join us as we continue to redefine the legal landscape with our industry-leading solutions.

Our value

Meet our team

Building Innovative Solutions for the Legal Industry with Passion and Expertise
Ruben of LegalFly

Ruben Miessen

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CEO & Co-Founder
Kasper of LegalFly

Kasper Verbeeck

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CTO & Co-Founder
Dennis of LegalFly

Dennis Montegnies

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COO & Co-Founder

Cyber security jack of all trades with +10y demonstrated experience in leading security operations, penetration testing, and managing cyber risk for renowned Belgian and international companies. Leveraging his past experience in high-secure and hardened environments to keep your & your customer's data secure & confidential.

Greg of LegalFly

Gregory Vekemans

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CMO & Co-Founder
Inés of LegalFly

Inès Van Camp

Account Executive
Anthony of LegalFly

Harry Day

Account Executive
Anthony of LegalFly

Anthony Peck

Staff Software Engineer
Seppe of LegalFly

Seppe Snoeck

Senior Software Engineer
Seppe of LegalFly

Laurens Matthys

Customer Success
Seppe of LegalFly

Yasmine Benzaza

Account Executive

Located in the Heart of UK & Europe

Visit our offices in the heart of London or Ghent, a hub of innovation and creativity. Whether you're interested in our product, looking for collaboration, or simply want to learn more about LegalFly, we're always open for a chat.
LegalFly BV
BE 0803 978 263
IBAN KBC BE61 7330 7566 8417
IBAN BELFIUS BE74 0689 4939 5207
8 Northumberland Ave,
London WC2N 5BY,
United Kingdom 🇬🇧
Sint-Jacobsnieuwstraat 32,
9000 Ghent,
Belgium 🇧🇪
A photo of our office building