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Our story

On a mission to democratise legal services

LegalFly has developed an AI-native solution for law firms and corporate legal teams to automate legal services and improve efficiency

About Image
About Image

Our Value

At LegalFly, our core values serve as the foundation of everything we do. With integrity, excellence, and a spirit of innovation at our core, we forge new paths in legal tech, transforming visionary ideas into impactful solutions.


Legal teams are suffering from bottlenecks and menial tasks, keeping them from doing their best work. Our mission is to help you free up your legal team by empowering (them and) your other teams with a Legal AI workspace that is safe and reliable.


Integrating new tech can come with stress and uncertainties. But have no fear. We are here to reassure you that the security of your data and knowledge is our top priority. We put security at the heart of our product.

Shaping the future

We are not waiting around for others to take the lead and show us the way. We are paving the path towards the future, crafting the new way of legal work through powerful society-altering means.


Wherever we go, tranquility follows. We see ourselves as the provider of peace and quiet in your organisation. By alleviating frustrations, anxieties and internal legal disputes, we contribute to your organisation's balanced culture that is ripe for great collaboration.

High Velocity

Great things don't always need to be hard or move slowly. We give you the opportunity to do your legal work fast, precisely and with ease. Welcome to your new unobstructed, powerful and potent workflow. Settle in for a smooth ride.

Our Story

Group photograph of the four co-founders of LegalFly
Founded in 2023

The founders - Ruben Miessen, Kasper Verbeeck, Dennis Montégnies and Gregory Vekemans - previously led AI initiatives at Tinder. They learned that legal teams were often operating under immense pressure and slowing down business processes, which sparked their interest in creating an AI solution for the legal industry.

LegalFly's platform automates repetitive tasks, doubling cost and efficiency savings. It is distinguished by its strict focus on privacy, ensuring that sensitive client data remains within the client's environment by anonymising data before it reaches the Large Language Models (LLMs).

LegalFly aims to enhance human efficiency, not replace it. By automating legal services, it saves legal teams significant time, reduces reliance on external lawyers and democratises legal knowledge, giving everyone in the organisation instant access to high quality legal services. This streamlines processes, reduces costs and mitigates the risks of uninformed business decisions.

LegalFly's innovative approach is set to revolutionise the way legal services are delivered and managed within organisations. Supported by world-class investors.


Meet our team

Ruben of LegalFly

Ruben Miessen

LinkedIn icon
CEO & Co-Founder
Kasper of LegalFly

Kasper Verbeeck

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CTO & Co-Founder
Dennis of LegalFly

Dennis Montegnies

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CISO & Co-Founder

Cyber security jack of all trades with +10y demonstrated experience in leading security operations, penetration testing, and managing cyber risk for renowned Belgian and international companies. Leveraging his past experience in high-secure and hardened environments to keep your & your customer's data secure & confidential.

Greg of LegalFly

Gregory Vekemans

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CDO & Co-Founder
Seppe of LegalFly

João Nunes

Chief of Staff
Seppe of LegalFly

Nathalie Dilewyns

People & Culture Manager
Anthony of LegalFly

Harry Day

Account Executive
Inés of LegalFly

Inès Van Camp

Account Executive
Inés of LegalFly

Maikel Dorssers

Account Executive
Anthony of LegalFly

Anthony Peck

Staff Software Engineer
Seppe of LegalFly

Seppe Snoeck

Software Engineer
Seppe of LegalFly

Laurens Matthys

Customer Success
Seppe of LegalFly

Steven Van Eenoo

Full-Stack Engineer

Located in the Heart of Europe

LegalFly BV
BE 0803 978 263
IBAN KBC BE61 7330 7566 8417
IBAN BELFIUS BE74 0689 4939 5207
8 Northumberland Ave,
London WC2N 5BY,
United Kingdom 🇬🇧
Sint-Jacobsnieuwstraat 32,
9000 Ghent,
Belgium 🇧🇪
A photo of our office building