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Contract Drafting

Draft Contracts with Unmatched Speed

Instantly draft documents based on your own templates, inheriting your unique legal style into our advanced Legal AI. LegalFly streamlines contract creation, making it fast, intuitive and compliant with your standards.

Customise contracts from the ground up, delivering significant time and cost savings.

Streamline Contract Drafting with Intelligent Template Management

Transform your drafting workflow by creating smart templates from your own precedents, guaranteeing consistency and adherence to your firm’s unique style. LegalFly ensures that each template is continuously reviewed for legal compliance, updated with the latest legislative changes and centralised for easy access by your legal team.

Reduce manual effort and increase efficiency and customisation, making contract drafting a seamless, automated experience.

Effortless Template Completion with AI

Our method not only simplifies template reuse but also speeds up your entire drafting process. At the start of a new contract, you can easily choose from existing templates, or let our AI recommend the most appropriate one based on the specific scenario.

Share your notes and watch as our AI Copilot automatically fills in all the variable fields, completing the template in mere seconds. Eliminate tedious manual edits and enjoy a faster, more efficient drafting process that perfectly reflects your legal style.

Tailored Contracts for Every Business Scenario

Our AI Copilot doesn’t just autocomplete templates; it breathes life into them, customising each draft to suit the unique requirements of each business situation, ensuring you get a perfectly tailored and accurate contract with minimal effort.

Beyond simply applying existing template clauses, our AI has the ability to revise or create new clauses from scratch, making each template meticulously tailored to your specific business case.

Expert Guidance: Your AI-Powered Contract Assistant

If you are unsure, need specific guidance on contract elements or simply want clarification on a particular clause, our AI Copilot is equipped to provide instant, expert answers. This ensures that every aspect of your contract is clear and correct.

Once your document is polished to perfection, you can easily download it as a Word document with tracked changes. This allows for an easy final review, ensuring that your contract is precise and fully tailored to your needs.
Interface screenshot showing user interaction with LegalFly's AI Copilot for revising a contract, highlighting the collaborative and intelligent aspects.

Why use LegalFly for Drafting?

Draft Twice as Fast

Accelerate your contract creation and turn hours into minutes. Our AI-powered automation streamlines the drafting process, making it twice as fast and freeing up your team for higher value tasks.

Respect Your Templates

Your firm’s unique identity is prioritised by using your own templates for drafting. This ensures that each document is closely aligned with your legal style and standards, and preserves the essence of your firm’s approach.

Autonomous Tailored Drafting

Our AI Copilot goes beyond pre-existing templates to revise and create clauses from scratch to suit any requirement. This ensures that your contracts are always up-to-date, comprehensive and case-specific.

Draft contracts
in a few clicks

User interface of LegalFly's drafting feature