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Turbocharge Your Legal & Financial Discovery with AI

Summarise documents, prepare for litigation, perform legal & financial due diligence, identify compliance gaps or simply seek legal advice. Get instant AI-powered insights based on your own datasets, saving you time.
User interface of LegalFly's discovery feature, displaying a conversational interaction where a user queries and receives AI-driven legal insights

Instant Legal Expertise at Your Fingertips

Ask any legal question and get instant, expert answers. Our Copilot enables users to quickly answer legal questions, streamlining the path to analysis and conclusions. Powered by AI trained on legal-specific datasets, LegalFly provides deep insights directly from your documents, enhancing your ability to make informed decisions quickly.
  • Identification of high-priority issues
  • Instant Expert Answers
  • Speed up analysis and conclusions
  • Trained on legal-specific datasets
Innovation Image
Innovation Image

Improve efficiency with our training platform

Fine-tune LegalFly with your unique legal knowledge and data, to create the most powerful Legal AI model tailored to your firm’s needs. Beyond training on legal knowledge or court records, imagine integrating the Copilot with your entire suite of legal and financial documents. This capability allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds.

Quickly draft timelines, conduct thorough due diligence, ensure compliance or draft legal conclusions with ease. Discover hidden relations, patterns and critical information in a fraction of the time traditionally required. Empower your team to do more, faster and with greater accuracy, making everything from complex case reviews to finding a needle in a haystack not only possible, but effortless.
Multi document review

Find the needle in your haystack with streamlined document review workflows

Effortlessly review multiple questions across multiple documents at the same time, with a structured report providing a detailed overview.

The ability to save question lists as templates streamlines the creation of automated workflows, tailoring the discovery process to meet precise regulatory requirements and significantly increasing the efficiency of your organisation's workflow. Conducting due diligence or compliance reviews becomes seamless and straightforward.
  • Speed up analysis and conclusions
  • Handle multiple queries
  • Gain detailed insights
  • Enhancing workflow efficiency
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Why use LegalFly for Discovery?

Specialised Legal AI

Your go-to legal advisor, equipped to handle all your legal queries with the precision of a highly trained legal-specific ChatGPT.

Save Time

Analyse multiple documents simultaneously for rapid legal insight, turning hours of research into minutes of discovery.

Customise Your Legal AI

Easily customise LegalFly to suit your firm’s unique needs and legal language, and enhance the AI with our Training feature.

Your legal teams are wasting precious time and energy.
So what are you waiting for?