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Contract review

Contract Review
in Seconds

We're redefining how contracts are reviewed. Powered by the most advanced artificial intelligence, our solution transforms traditional contract review by increasing efficiency and precision.

Our revolutionary contract review platform isn't just fast — it ensures unparalleled accuracy and provides critical insights.

Simplifying Contract Review: Upload, Analyse & Re-draft with Ease

Experience a streamlined process that takes you from upload to insightful review without a hitch. Concentrate on gaining critical insights and making informed decisions, without complications.
Upload your contract as a PDF or Word file. Our platform supports contracts in any language.
Our advanced algorithms rigorously scrutinise your contract, pinpointing crucial clauses, potential risks, missing elements, and compliance matters.
Effortlessly re-draft the issues that have been identified during the review process with our legal AI assistant
Risk identification

Discover potential risks and weak spots within your contracts.

Compliance validation

Assure legal compliance and adherence to relevant regulations.

Compliance validation

Verify legal compliance and
regulatory adherence.

Actionable report

Receive a comprehensive report with key contract insights.

Easy upload

Effortlessly upload your legal documents for immediate review.

Document comparison

Simplify your comparison of varying contract versions.

Save valuable time

Expedite the review process and reclaim your valuable time.

Start optimising your
contract review today.

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Located in the Heart of Europe

Visit our office in the heart of Ghent, a hub of innovation and creativity. Whether you're interested in our product, looking for collaboration, or simply want to learn more about LegalFly, we're always open for a chat and a good cup of coffee.
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