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Your Trusted
Legal Ally

Redefine how you interact with legal matters, offering a seamless blend of advanced AI technology and user-friendly functionality.

With our Legal AI Assistant, you can effortlessly upload your legal documents, ask cross-document questions, and engage in dynamic conversations that provide you with unparalleled insights.

Harness the Power of Fly

Our Legal AI Assistant leverages advanced natural language processing and legal expertise to provide you with quick and accurate responses. Whether you're a legal professional looking for insights or an individual navigating a legal matter, our AI Assistant is your reliable companion.
Get instant answers to complex legal queries
Enhance legal research and analysis
Gain insights in lengthy legal documents
Ask Cross-Document Questions
Risk identification

Identify potential risks and vulnerabilities.

Compliance validation

Verify legal compliance and
regulatory adherence.

Compliance validation

Verify legal compliance and
regulatory adherence.

Actionable report

Receive a comprehensive report with key contract insights.

Easy upload

Quickly import your
legal documents for review.

Document comparison

Easily compare different versions of contracts.

Save valuable time

Streamline the review process and save valuable time.

The AI legal assistant
you've been waiting for.

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Located in the Heart of Europe

Visit our office in the heart of Ghent, a hub of innovation and creativity. Whether you're interested in our product, looking for collaboration, or simply want to learn more about LegalFly, we're always open for a chat and a good cup of coffee.
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