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Privacy First: Anonymisation Before AI Processing

Before our AI models even begin processing your documents for review or drafting, we anonymise any sensitive data in your legal and financial documents. This pre-emptive step guarantees maximum privacy and security. Client documents are never used for training purposes. Your privacy is always our top priority.
Showing a section of a contract with sensitive data blurred for privacy, highlighting the AI's capability to identify and anonymise confidential information automatically.
Showing a table within LegalFly's interface, detailing the anonymization actions completed on a contract, with each row indicating specific sections of the document where sensitive data has been anonymised for privacy and compliance.

Our Commitment to Data Anonymisation

Every document uploaded, regardless of its entry point - be it Review, Drafting, Discovery or Training - is immediately anonymised. This underlines our commitment to privacy, which is applied consistently across all our features. This process, which takes just seconds, replaces sensitive data with pseudonyms, enabling our AI Copilot to accurately interpret the roles and relationships of the parties involved without compromising privacy.

This capability extends beyond internal processing; all documents are available for download in their anonymised format. This also allows for the secure storage of sensitive case documents without the risk of exposure.

80% are concerned about data privacy, LegalFly ensures effective client data protection

Enterprise-Grade Privacy with On-Premise Anonymisation

LegalFly’s on-premises anonymisation provides unparalleled data protection for organisations with even stricter privacy standards. This solution fits effortlessly into your infrastructure, whether on-premises or in a private cloud, and provides robust compliance with your data privacy policies.

Data is processed on secure, air-gapped infrastructure, ensuring that sensitive information is anonymised in a completely isolated environment and never leaves the premises.

Why Anonymise Before Using Legal AI?

Preventing Misuse

There’s a real risk that AI will use non-anonymised data for training, potentially leading to the inadvertent reproduction of sensitive information in future interactions with different clients. This could result in the leakage of confidential data across unrelated cases or clients, posing a significant security risk.

Enhanced Privacy

Anonymisation protects sensitive information in legal documents, preventing unauthorised access and maintaining client confidentiality. The risk of exposing confidential data is significantly reduced, preventing potential breaches that could have serious consequences.

Regulatory Compliance

Anonymisation is a proactive step towards compliance with strict data protection laws, such as GDPR and CCPA. Failure to anonymise can result in to severe legal and financial consequences, making compliance a non-negotiable aspect of Legal AI use.

Ready to Use AI Safely In Your Legal Documents?

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