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Protect Client

Trust in LegalFly's robust document anonymisation service, engineered to shield your sensitive details. Our sophisticated technology seamlessly replaces identifiable data with anonymised stand-ins, guaranteeing strict confidentiality.

Safely share your anonymised documents, minimising data breach risks, and maintaining the utmost privacy.

Experience the Simplicity of Data Anonymisation

Anonymising your documents with LegalFly is effortless and efficient. Just upload your document and let us work our magic.
Upload your legal document as a PDF or Word document. Our platform supports contracts in any language.
Advanced anonymisation algorithms meticulously scan and locate personal & company data such as names, addresses, and contact details. This data is replaced with anonymised content, ensuring your document remains both confidential and privacy regulation compliant.
Prioritising your document's security and confidentiality is key during the anonymisation process. Our platform integrates solid encryption methods and adheres to stringent data privacy protocols to protect your sensitive data.

Start securing your
sensitive documents today

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Located in the Heart of Europe

Visit our office in the heart of Ghent, a hub of innovation and creativity. Whether you're interested in our product, looking for collaboration, or simply want to learn more about LegalFly, we're always open for a chat and a good cup of coffee.
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