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Expert Talk

July 18, 2023

What is The Impact of AI on Your Legal Team?

AI is revolutionising industries, and LegalFly is leading the charge in transforming the legal world. In our latest video, we explore the remarkable power of generative AI and its impact on legal professionals.

AI is transforming many industries, and with the introduction of generative AI like ChatGPT, its potential has become strikingly evident.

There are wo important factors make an AI solution successful: 1. skilled engineers and 2. a lot of high quality data. I really believe that LegalFly is well positioned to succeed and lead in this area. Our team has created advanced features for top brands like Tinder before, and we’ve partnered with plenty of law firms to get tons of relevant data. This synergy allows us to leverage the right content to train and validate our AI models, as we are developing the most powerful Legal AI to supercharge legal teams.

When talking to legal professionals, we learned that they worry that AI will disrupt the legal landscape. But LegalFly’s AI is designed to help, It’s not designed to disrupt. We’re helping to solve 2 main use cases: it speeds up gathering information and insights, as well as automates the drafting of legal documents like briefs, contracts or legal conclusions.

The results from our beta release show that our Legal AI, using our extensive contract databases, can significantly boost a lawyer's effectiveness and efficiency by many fold.

Generative AI could be as game-changing for law as the calculator was for maths or the web browser for finding information. When these technologies first appeared, people wondered what impact they would have for their industries. What we saw back then was that those who adapted and embraced the new technology become more effective and more efficient.

I understand that all the buzz around AI can seem scary and confusing. There is a lot of fear out there right now about AI. But don’t worry. We're a trustworthy partner committed to using AI responsibly. We publish our ethical AI principles and protect the privacy of your clients by anonymising all of your legal documents.

AI will change the way you work. It’s important to educate yourself and understand what it can do. You don’t need to be a data scientist - that’s our job. We provide the right tools, technology and guidance you need to understand what AI can do for you. So don’t be afraid to ask questions because it is going to impact you.

Some worry that AI may replace them. But the reality is that lawyers who use AI might replace those who don’t. So embrace this change, ask questions, and look to LegalFly for help. We’re here to bring the power of AI into the hands of your legal team.

Ruben Miessen
July 18, 2023
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