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LegalFly Beta Launch

June 1, 2023

Developed by a team of seasoned professionals from the tech industry, LegalFly leverages AI to transform the review process for contracts and other legal documents.

LegalFly, a newly found legal tech startup, today announced the launch of their cutting-edge AI-driven platform for reviewing contracts and other legal documents. This dynamic platform has been crafted by an accomplished team, previously employed by renowned firms like Tinder and Match Group, making it a pioneering endeavour in the field of legal technology.

LegalFly's innovative platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionise not only contract review but also the examination of other legal documents. With the capability to review a 10-page contract in just 5 minutes, the platform's AI model delves into the document's structure, seeking out missing clauses, pinpointing potential risks, and ensuring compliance with relevant legal standards. The end result is a comprehensive report laden with valuable insights, empowering lawyers and legal professionals to save up to 90% of the time typically spent on manual document review.

"The confluence of our team's vast experience in tech innovation and our unwavering commitment to transform contract review has culminated in the creation of LegalFly," stated Ruben Miessen, Product & Operations Lead at LegalFly.

One of LegalFly's standout features is its emphasis on data security. The platform guarantees the anonymity of each document before processing it for review. "Data security is the cornerstone of our operations. Each contract processed is anonymised ensuring strict confidentiality while benefiting from our advanced AI review mechanisms," affirmed Dennis Montegnies, the company's Data Security Specialist.

Kasper Verbeeck, part of LegalFly's esteemed team, took pride in the engineering feats behind the fast-paced contract review capabilities. "Our meticulously trained AI models work at an astounding pace, analysing documents with exceptional accuracy. We've reached a point where a comprehensive contract review, that would otherwise consume hours, is done within minutes," said Verbeeck.

In the same vein, Gregory Vekemans, responsible for the platform's user interface, highlighted the simplicity of the review process. "Our aim was to provide a user-friendly interface where the complex process of contract analysis is reduced to a matter of a few clicks," noted Vekemans.

Headquartered in Ghent, Belgium, LegalFly exemplifies innovation in the legal tech space. United by a shared vision to make legal processes more efficient and streamlined, the co-founders are committed to harnessing technology to aid legal professionals.

LegalFly is now accessible with an exclusive free plan for early adopters, offering them the opportunity to use AI for reviewing up to 2 contracts per month for free. More comprehensive corporate plans are also available to cater to larger firms' needs.

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