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Embarking Beyond Beta: LegalFly's Exclusive Rollout

July 3, 2023

LegalFly, after a successful beta phase with 25 law firms, is launching its AI-powered platform to a select group of legal professionals.

After a highly successful Beta testing phase, we are thrilled to announce that LegalFly, is now ready for a selective full-scale product launch.

Our team of seasoned professionals, previously employed by globally renowned tech firms like Tinder, have developed an advanced AI-driven platform that revolutionised the way our 25 participating law firms handled their contract review process during our beta phase. Now, we are extending the invitation to a select group of innovative legal professionals to experience LegalFly's transformative impact firsthand.

AI-Powered Legal Document Analysis

During the Beta release, we've been fortunate to have the enthusiastic participation of 25 Belgian & Dutch law firms. Their insightful feedback and their quantifiable success - with countless hours saved through the use of our platform - have been invaluable in the fine-tuning of our services. We've been shipping updates every 2 days to accommodate all feedback. As witnessed by all beta testers, our Contract Review feature, which can dissect a 10-page contract in a mere 5 minutes, identifying missing clauses, potential risks, and compliance issues.

Anonymisation of Personal Data

In tandem with our contract review, the Anonymisation feature has proven its worth, ensuring the highest levels of confidentiality and data security by fully anonymising every document before review. This feature has given our users the peace of mind that their sensitive data remains secure while taking advantage of our AI capabilities.

Legal Review Co-Pilot

Also introduced during the Beta phase was Fly, our AI-powered legal co-pilot. Fly offers expert insights, tailored recommendations, and assists in drafting missing clauses and redrafting contract sections. This intelligent assistant has demonstrated how legal practices can be streamlined, and efficiency magnified.

This selective full-scale launch is more than just an expansion; it's a commitment to our mission of revolutionising the legal landscape with the power of AI. As we proceed, LegalFly users can look forward to a rollout of more ground-breaking features in the coming months. These additions will supercharge your legal practice, making your operations more efficient, precise, and innovative.

We remain committed to pushing the boundaries of legal tech, and we invite select legal professionals to be part of this exciting era. Join our exclusive list of users, as we gradually open our doors to those ready to revolutionise their practice with LegalFly.

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