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Contract Review

Verkort het reviewen van contracten tot 60%

Review contracten direct op naleving van de wet, identificeer niet-standaardvoorwaarden en bedrijfsrisico's en stem reviews af op uw intern beleid. Bespaar 60% van je tijd op meer dan 90 documenttypes, in meerdere talen en verschillende jurisdicties.
Legal AI

Your Guide to Legal AI

Discover how LegalFly is helping legal teams become more efficient and effective in their daily tasks.

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Align reviews with internal policies

conduct reviews using personalised checklists. Simply select 'Playbook' during your review setup and specify the criteria your review should adhere to. Save your playbook to conveniently reuse it for future reviews.

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Multi document review


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Redraft clauses instantly

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Anonymisation for maximum privacy

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Personalised Reviews

Customise reviews to benefit the party you represent, effortlessly process more than 90 document types and adapt them to different languages and jurisdictions.


Align reviews with internal policies

Review contracts instantly for compliance with the law, identify non-standard terms and business risks, and tailor reviews to your internal policies.
  • Identification of high-priority issues
  • Focus on your unique playbooks
  • 80% Faster Reviews
  • Tailored Efficiency
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Personalise your review tailored to benefit one specific party

Turn your contract review process from hours into minutes with a review that meets your exact needs. Customise reviews to benefit the party you represent, effortlessly process more than 90 document types and adapt them to different languages and jurisdictions.
  • Customise to benefit a chosen party.
  • Identifies 90+ document types
  • Choose from various jurisdictions
  • Add your specific playbooks
Multi document review

Find the needle in your haystack with streamlined document review workflows

Effortlessly review multiple questions across multiple documents at the same time, with a structured report providing a detailed overview.
  • Speed up analysis and conclusions
  • Handle multiple queries
  • Gain detailed insights
  • Enhancing workflow efficiency
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Legal teams using LegalFly report a 60% faster review process, turning days of work into hours

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After your tailored review,
let’s make impactful changes

After consulting the Copilot, you will immediately receive detailed legal advice, enabling you to make informed decisions. LegalFly AI will automatically redraft the clause at risk. Once you’re happy with the new clause, you can easily add improved clauses to improve your legal documents.
  • Redraft and inserts clauses directly
  • Ask questions about your contract
  • Download your edited contract

Your privacy is our priority. LegalFly has a strict focus on privacy and ensures that sensitive client data remains within the client's environment by anonymising data before it reaches the LLM's.

  • All documents are anonymized by default
  • Hardened and dedicated infrastructure before processed by LLM's
  • Single-tenancy options available
  • Dedicated or on-premise setup options available so data never leaves the premise
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Waarom LegalFly gebruiken voor contract reviews?

60% Snellere reviews

Verkort de review tijd met 60% met de AI van LegalFly. Met meer dan 90 soorten documenten in meerdere talen en jurisdicties, kan uw team zich richten op meer strategisch werk.

Precisie en compliance

Zorg voor nauwkeurigheid en compliance met de AI van LegalFly.Risicobeoordelingen voor elke kwestie, minimaliseert geschillen en stemt af op wereldwijde standaarden.

Efficiëntie op maat

LegalFly stemt reviews af op uw behoeften, waardoor clausules snel kunnen worden herschreven en bruikbaar advies voor snelle, strategische onderhandelingen en verbeterde productiviteit.
"I couldn't be more excited to be a part of the LegalFly journey! The LegalFly team's focus on understanding and addressing user pain points is impressive."

Mehdi Ghissassi

Director of product

"LegalFly transforms our legal operations, providing tailored contract reviews. It ensures compliance and empowers our team to review transport contracts on our own conditions."

Dany Verzeele

Legal Manager

Your legal teams are wasting precious time and energy.
So what are you waiting for?