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We have gone the extra mile to build comprehensive privacy and security features that provide robust protection for your information. With Legalfly, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is accessed securely and only by authorized individuals.

When it comes to encryption, we adhere to industry-standard protocols. Your data is encrypted using robust measures: in transit, we utilize TLS 1.2 or higher encryption, and sensitive data is encrypted at the disk level with AES256 encryption. These measures guarantee that your information remains secure and protected from unauthorized access.
Vulnerability disclosure
If you come across a security vulnerability in our system, we encourage you to report it to security@legalfly.ai. Our dedicated team will promptly address and resolve any reported issues to maintain the integrity of our platform.
Penetration testing
To ensure the highest level of security, application-level and infrastructure-level penetration tests are conducted at least once a year.

This proactive approach helps us identify and address security vulnerabilities, ensuring that your data remains safe.
Disaster recovery
& incident response
Disaster recovery and incident response are critical aspects of our operations. Legalfly employs services deployed by our hosting provider, distributing production operations across separate availability zones. This setup safeguards our service from connectivity loss, power infrastructure failures, and location-specific incidents. We perform daily backups and replication for our core databases across these zones, ensuring that your data is safe and available even in the face of a site disaster.
All data stored and processed through our infrastructure is managed by SOC 2 compliant cloud service providers. This ensures the utmost levels of security, reliability, and integrity for your information.
Enterprise Ready

Enterprise Grade Security

Our platform and infrastructure are in compliance with the privacy and security practices of GDPR, ISO27001 and SOC2.

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